Mercosur Sets Regional Agreements, Conveys Solidarity with Gaza


Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Relations, Elias Jaua, held a press conference to  close the 46th Presidential Mercosur Summit in Caracas. He emphasized the agreements focusing on regional integration.  In addition, he detailed Venezuela´s achievement as Mercosur´s President Pro Tempore last year organizing over 200 working sessions as well as organizing the Laborer and Indigenous Mercosur Summits.

Jaua explained that, “This [Summit] sums up the vision of Commander Hugo Chavez, South America could not turn it´s back to the Caribbean and Central America.”

Mercosur also condemned the Israeli army´s offensive in Gaza. Mercosur leaders solicited a ceasefire and petitioned to lift the blockade on Gaza, and “to allow the free transit of people, medicine and humanitarian aid via land and sea.”

In addition, Mercosur leaders reiterated their support for Argentina in light of the vulture funds case. In an official communique, leaders indicated that they do not believe that Argentina is in default considering that, “[Argentina] punctually pays their loans and their payments are being blocked.” Mercosur also indicated that “the negotiation process should happen on equal terms in order to reach a justice, equitable, legal and sustainable solution.”

In a special communique, Mercosur also demanded respect for the human rights of unaccompanied minors immigrating to the United States especially those from Central America. They also denounced that detained youth, “are placed in improvised refuges, including military bases, in crowded and unsanitary conditions that violate their physical and psychological integrity.”

Jaua also stressed that this Mercosur Summit closed 15 days of international gatherings for Venezuela. In eight days, 11 world leaders were in Venezuela for a series of events in addition to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro´s visit to Brazil to participate in the BRICs Summit.


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