Footprints in the History of Sancti Spiritus (+photos)

Oscar Alfonso Sosa

Hotel Plaza, Sancti SpiritusThe daily hustle and bustle has “infected” the Yayabo village.

Time and its witnesses always pass under their shadows, haunted by the splendor of its history, where each arch marks a memory and each gate a plea.

And the domes behold, from the infinite silence, the sum of days, months, years, until nearly touching half a millennium of existence.

Because memories go far beyond chronicles still guarded in older publications or more recent in time; they overcome blury images,  jealously protected in dusty and discolored files.

Traces of those distant times that we crave now as really close, remain there, in public view, at hand reach; they turn into everyday images that have marked events and news, those which are also waiting for the half millennium of the village, not as witnesses or cold and inanimate protagonists.

The constant coming and going has magically touched the city. From the balconies the image of a place in motion is apprehended, including paintings of facades, properties rehabilitation, reconstruction of public spaces.

It could not work otherwise, because the Teatro Principal, the bridge over the Yayabo river, the former Sociedad Progreso and Colonia Española, the Perla and Plaza hotels, the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor, among others, are some of the architectural jewels of Sancti Spiritus, framing the reasons for a celebration, sprinkled from the mysteries unearthed under the slabs of the park and the expectations of a town, quiet but lively, with spaces and witnesses, and many stories still to tell.

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