Fernando Gonzalez in Immigration Prison


Cuban antiterrorist fighter Fernando Gonzalez Llort, one of The Five, was released this Thursday from Safford Federal Prison, in the United States, and was sent to another correctional institution, still unspecified, until his deportation back to Cuba. It was thus announced by Michelle Álvarez, representative of the federal prosecutor office in Miami, referred to by AP.

“I would like to meet my son at the prison door”, had told me his mother Magali Llort a few months ago, but bureaucratic procedures, only understood by their creators, prevented her from taking this desire away from US justice.

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I Would Like to Meet my Son at the Prison Door

This Thursday, his son Fernando, instead of boarding the plane that would bring him back to Cuba, was sent to another cell, in an immigration prison, where he will wait for the definitive signature that will clear his deportation road back to the island.

According to a communiqué by the US National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, Gonzalez’s appeals attorney Richard Klugh said that in order to facilitate his immediate return, the also Hero of the Republic of Cuba has ceased being part of the extraordinary appeal process, known as habeas corpus, which is still being promoted by Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, and Antonio Guerrero.


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