Cuba: Communist Youth Rejects US Subversive Plans

Youths from Venezuela, Costa Rica and Peru were sent to Cuba hopefully to encourage a rebellion. The Cuban Young Communist League (UJC) condemned the use of Latin American youth in a project by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), aimed at subverting social order in the country.

The stance of the Cuban youth organization expressed after recent revelations by the U.S. news agency Associated Press (AP) detailing actions of the U.S. government that organized and financed through USAID the secret sending of Latin American youth with subversive plans.

The Cuban youth rejects and condemns those maneuvers and raises, as an impenetrable shield, the firmness of those who throughout history were capable of understanding the need to be consistent and thanks to which we are here today, the UJC said in statement.

We are a generation that works with intelligence and interprets the reality of the world that live in, which despite lacks and limitations has grown under a State that does all possible to protect, educate and instill in us the noblest ideas and the most worthy values, the text added.

According to accusations, the youth sent by USAID, using coverage of civic health programs, carried out actions to cause political destabilization, especially aimed at promoting youth activism against the Cuban revolutionary process.

We do not blame young recruits, they are also victims of a world that power centers become increasingly unfair and selfish, but when walking our streets and universities understood they were just mercenaries in a dirty war.

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