Venezuelans Offered Accurate Reports on Chavez Health

Constant reports on President Hugo Chavez’s health condition to the Venezuelan people are characterized by their veracity and immediacy, Executive Vice President Nicolas Maduro said today.

“We have lived day by day, hour by hour, the whole truth about the president’s health,” said Maduro.

In that sense, he mentioned it was a first statement to inform that the protocols had been initiated, another one in the middle of the surgery and a third one when it was completed.

In the following days, he said, we released all subjects, the bleeding, the hard and complex picture, and then when his vital signs stabilized. We were communicating their moment by moment.

When he had an infection we informed it immediately, we were in Havana, we greeted him and chatted with him. He has the usual strength in his face, in his voice, and always takes care of the country.

We have also reported that there it has indeed been a respiratory failure that is being treated, always with the truth, and therefore “we call on the people to sure that truth that is being transmitted.”

Maduro also denounced the “dirty war” involving actions like opening fake accounts on social networks, including those attributed to one of the president’s daughters.

In this regard, he denied the existence of a personal account on that social network.

He also called for a halt to the campaign against Chavez and for respect to the Venezuelan people.

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