Venezuelan Election Process Open and Solid

The Vice-President of Venezuela’s National Election Council (CNE), Socorro Hernandez, highlighted the openness and solidity of the Venezuelan election process as it heads into April 14th presidential elections.

According Hernandez, more than 1,000,000 people will participate in the elections, directly or indirectly, to guarantee an open and effective process.

Among them are voting-machine operators, poll workers, election observers, workers from the CNE’s regional and municipal boards, executives from Plan Republica, international and national election observers, as well as the media in charge of the news coverage, and others.

“It is important to appreciate the joint effort behind the great mobilization to guarantee fair elections. We must be aware of the need to respect everyone’s work, as well as the work of building the country because this action is made to guarantee a peaceful life”, she said.

Speaking to the Correo del Orinoco newspaper, she said “For that reason, I feel indignant after seeing the position of some sectors that are questioning the CNE’s work.”

In that regard, the organization of the election process deserves respect, said Hernandez, adding that the country has grown enough to have the trust and the peace to carry out an open process, one of the best in the world.

Hernandez also highlighted the 17 audits that are being made to guarantee ideal work during the elections.

She pointed out that requests made by political parties are evaluated by the CNE board and those that improve the process are adopted.

Additional guarantees have been included, like the increase of the partition size, the incorporation of one observer per candidate in the news-broadcast room for voters and one witness per presidential candidate in the emergency room for poll workers, among other decisions in the interests of achieving a good election process.


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