Raul Castro Tackled Higher Education at Cuba’s Council of Ministers

Prensa Latina News Agency

President  highlighted the need to draw up a long-term rational plan to increase the quality of higher education, during the most recent session of the island’s Council of Ministers.

That body, chaired by the Cuban head of State, certified the implementation of a policy of assurance of human resources, and the infrastructure required for improving education, Granma newspaper reported today.

The first stage of the approved leadership is aimed at stopping the deterioration of schools and, at mid term, the deficit of the technical staff.

Boosting exports, raising external financial resources such as complement of the government’s subjects, and contracting retired teachers with beneficial wages to encourage their permanence at schools, are also on the list.

The higher education system in Cuba is made up of 67 institutions, with more than 250,000 students, as well as 120 centers for research, science, innovation, and technology, distributed along the country.

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