Cuban Foreign Minister Reiterates Solidarity with Venezuela

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said Cuba has an invariable position of solidarity with Venezuela and recognition to the legitimate government led by President Nicolas Maduro.

After being asked about the situation created between Colombia and Venezuela, the foreign minister stated that Maduro’s decisive victory on April 14 is an unquestionable expression of the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people.

The coup oligarchy at the service of U.S. power groups carries out an anti-democratic campaign against institutions in Venezuela, in order to destabilize the country, the Cuban diplomat said.

These actions and any direct or indirect support to them harm the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean, reduce independence, and damage the efforts of Venezuela and other states in favor of peace, Rodriguez said after arriving in Havana, after touring of Indonesia, India, and Russia.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos met on Wednesday, May 29, with Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles, touring Colombia, looking for foreign support against the Bolivarian Revolution, according to Venezuelan authorities.

Subsequently, Maduro denounced that, orchestrated by the Venezuelan rightwing in conjugation with international partners, “from Bogota there is an active conspiracy against the legitimate government and peace in Venezuela.”


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