Cuba Works for Next February 3rd Elections

The 612 deputies to Cuban Parliament, and the 1 269 delegates to the provincial assemblies of the People’s Power will be elected next February 3rd.

Cuban authorities work in the preparations for the election next February to choose the 612 deputies to Parliament, said the president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), Alina Balseiro.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the civil employee emphasized that 89 electoral districts were created, organizations destined to obtain fairness in the number of voters, being considered the difference of inhabitants between the 168 municipalities in the country.

The districts can arise in municipalities where the population exceeds the 100,000 residents, said Balseiro regarding to the election in the ballot boxes, from which the 1,269 delegates will come in addition to the provincial assemblies to the Popular Power.

Balseiro mentioned that in fulfillment of the Electoral Law in the island the biographies and the photos of the nominated to be delegates by the Commissions are exposed since mid December.

That exhibition, along with the history of the aspirants by places of work and centers, and communities of the different territories, will allow the voters to extend their knowledge on them.

The Commissions of Candidacies – integrated by organizations of workers, women, farmers and students they proposed to 612 citizens for the Parliament and 1, 269 for the provincial assemblies, nominations on which about eight million will be pronounced in the ballot boxes.

According with the CEN president, work is concentrated for the premises for the electoral schools and the qualification of the authorities, from the study of the regulations and documents to rule the process.

Special attention has occurred to the preparation in the matter of computer science, as part of several actions that have been developed, in real atmosphere with the system used in these elections, or person to person, in all the territories, she said.

According to Balseiro, also supervisions have been made to verify how all the process in the country is fulfilled.

From December 12 to 20 of January, 2013 a conciliation between the electoral commissions of circumscription is developed and the municipal offices of the Registry of Voters, for the update, in order that the originating corrections become, she emphasized.

The Cuban State Council summoned in July to the general elections for 2012-2013, that already take place at the end of the previous year the stage corresponding to the election of 14, 537 councilmen, representatives at municipality level that until in a 50 percent the candidacies for the provincial Parliament and assemblies.

Data of the CEN reflect a citizen participation superior to the 94 percent in the municipal elections, attendance considered in the Caribbean island a sample of endorsement to the economic update in march and the existing democratic system.

The suffrages of next February 3 generate expectations, because once the 612 members of the Parliament are elected, the presidencies of that organization and the State Council will be selected , organ of the Popular Power that represents the National Assembly during its session periods.

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