Cuba with Lowest Infant Mortality Rate in America

Cuba ended 2012 with an infant mortality rate of 4.6 percent per 1,000 live births, the lowest rate of America, according to the local press.

For the fifth consecutive year, Cuba achieves this indicator below five percent, a fact that shows the human development reached from the Government’s political will, Granma newspaper publishes.

According to the source, Sancti Spiritus province ended 2012 with 2.8 percent mortality rate per 1,000 live births, while 26 municipalities of the 168 of the country, concluded the year with 0 percent.

Preliminary data of the Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Public Health showed that 125,661 births occurred in Cuba during 2012, 7,400 less than in 2011.

In the American continent, the only country with an infant mortality rate of five was Canada, followed by the United States (seven), Chile (eight) and Costa Rica and Uruguay (nine), according to Unicef.

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