Cuba Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Boston, USA

The Cuban Government condemned the terrorist attacks perpetrated yesterday near the finish line of a marathon in the city of Boston, in the United States, which killed three people and wounded another 176, including 17 reported in critical condition.

“Cuba rejects and condemns unequivocally any act of terrorism, wherever it is perpetrated and regardless of its circumstances and motivation,” says a statement released here by Josefina Vidal, Head of US Affairs Department of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

It was reported that a note of condolences to the US people and Government, particularly the victims and their families, was addressed to the US interest Section in Havana by the Cuban people and Government.

According to the latest reports from Boston, an FBI investigation was opened to find the perpetrators of the attacks.


  1. Amerika is in denial of its own murderous & terrorist gov.

    USA is *war & terror ag/people of the world. This nation kills, tortures, imprisons at will to show superiority & to subjugate; some of us resist the macabre onslaught ag/humanity by fbi/cia/dod etc., yet all who live in denial of the threat to human life posed by the assassins of usa are most vulnerable because they trust this God forsaken gov beyond all reason, and because they benefit from the carnage perpetrated in their name.

  2. I’m so sorry, for the Terrorist Attacks last year…I ask God for the mercy to the victims and the patient for victims’s families…my heart with you…I love you Boston 🙂 … Who knows? may be the next year I will join the people of Boston and run with them in the marathon ….I like the running sport 🙂

    All the best from Sunny Alexandria, Egypt

    Kind Regards,

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