Colombian Indigenous Leader Nominated Presidential Pre-Candidate

The Nasa Indigenous leader, Feliciano Valencia, was nominated today as presidential pre-candidate for Colombian 2014 elections, by the social movement Pais Comun (Common Country), representing an unitary alternative before the Congress and the presidency of the Republic.
The objective of that new organization, as established on its platform, is to integrate the different social processes that simultaneously coexist in the country and mobilize the people in “a political expression that projects and shows the decision of communities and peoples to rules themselves”.

We need a political system based on democratic and self-governing managements in local communities and towns, to overcome the deep inequalities that remain in the country and wipe out exploitation, oppression and discrimination.

We need also that the end of war means “to spark off the greatest popular mobilization that Colombia has ever witnessed, which is the only guarantee of peace building”, said the spokespeople.

Former senator and human right defender Piedad Cordoba, backed up the beginning of that political movement, which foundations will be built through nationwide national meetings, following the path of resistance popular struggles.

Colombia needs to have a different conception of power, to be another country, a fair nation, possible and necessary, the homeland for everyone. The country that they denied us, the one they intend to take from us, said Valencia.

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