Colombia Denies Support to Destabilization in Venezuela

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos denied Saturday that his government was supporting any type of action to destabilize Venezuela’s institutionality, as denounced by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Colombia would never be willing to support such actions because, among other things, “we would be the ones suffering the worst effects of any problem Venezuela might have.” Therefore I refer to some misunderstanding, and repeat that we will solve any difference through diplomatic channels.”

Santos made his remarks in a public gathering in Palmita municipality, in southern Valle del Cauca department.

Yesterday, President Maduro lamented the stand of his Colombian counterpart, who received opposition politician Henrique Capriles on Tuesday at his private residence of Casa de Narino.

Capriles was also received that day by Speakers Roy Barreras (Senate) and Augusto Posada (House).

“I very much lament that oligarchy and power in Colombia at this moment has united around the goal to ignoring and toppling the legitimate Government of Venezuela that I represent,” said Maduro referring to Capriles’s tour to gather foreign support against the Bolivarian Revolution.

In the public gathering today, Santos said that “we will keep the spirit of the agreement we reached with President Hugo Chavez at San Pedro Alejandrino Ranch, in Santa Marta, in 2010. For the good of Venezuela and Colombia, any misunderstanding we can solve in a civilized way, with prudence and through diplomatic channels.”


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