Brazil-Cuba Talks about Improving Soccer in the Island

Prensa Latina News Agency

Brazilian Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo announced he will present the Cuban Soccer Federation a great project to develop soccer in Cuba, in his Tuesday statements.

“We want to establish a technical exchange for soccer players and coaches with a great Brazilian club, as for instance, Sao Paulo. Cuban soccer is promising. It could get much more developed,” he said.

“We want to take the first steps but it is clear Cuba must develop its own playing style,” he added.

During the day, Rebelo talked to several former sport stars of Cuba, including athletes and coaches, and expressed his admiration and respect for all of them, because they represent “honor and essence of the sport.”

As part of the agreement, signed before, Brazil wants to take many of these Cuban Olympic and World Championship medallists to Brazil to give conferences.

For its part, Cuba will work to strengthen the Brazilian performance in other Olympic sports such as track and field and baseball.


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  1. Silfredo Trujillo

    My name is Silfredo Trujillo. I have a daughter Sophia Trujillo. She is 18 years old and a star goal keeper in a Div. 1 college in the United States. I was wondering why does Cuba not recruit players with Cuban background in the United States to improve there team. Is Cuba not allowed to recruit Cuban players from the United States??? She has many friends is college from other countries who are currently playing with there respective national teams. Almost every South and Central American women soccer teams have players who’s parents migrated to the United States and the daughter are playing in college teams in the United States….My daughter as good as she is will probably never make it into the US national team but I am sure that she could compete to be the starting goalkeeper in the Cuban National Team……

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