Belarus Diabetic Patients to Cure with Cuban Heberprot-P

Prensa Latina News Agency

Belarus will apply Cuban unique drug worldwide to heal diabetic foot Heberprot-P, according to an agreement signed here, highlighted the Belarusian media.

Doctor Luis Herrera, director of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (CIGB) in Havana and acting minister of the pharmaceutical company Belmedpreparaty (BMP), Alexander Griegoriev, signed the document.

Cuban angiologists will arrive in Minsk to train local doctors in the use of this biological medicine for the healing of advanced skin lesions and with high risk of amputation provoked by Mellitus Diabetes, according to the understanding.

With various scientific laurels, Heberprot-P is patented in 18 countries, among them Argentine, Brazil, Venezuela and others from Europe and Asia, besides Cuba, where it has massively proved its therapeutic efficiency.

About 90 percent of people with diabetes all over the world classify as type 2, in whom the disease is caused by a sedentary lifestyle, bad food habits and obesity, for which it is called the epidemic of the XXI century.

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