Cubans Celebrate CDR 52 Birthday Anniversary

Cuban News Agency

Cubans celebrate today  the 52nd birthday of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), the country’s largest grassroots organization, founded by Revolution leader Fidel Castro on 28 September, 1960.

The over-8-million-member organization marks its anniversary with new strategies aimed at revitalizing its work to keep preserving the achievements reached by Cuba since 1959, according to a report by PL news agency.

Preventing crime in the communities, promoting voluntary blood donations and doing sanitation work in the neighborhoods are everyday tasks of CDR members.

In a recent meeting with CDR members and leaders, Cuban First Vice-president Jose Ramon Machado Ventura stressed the ongoing renovation of the grassroots organization and the need to increase the youths participation, encourage civic education and support sanitation campaigns against vectors as well as fight social indiscipline.

As part of the most recent actions, the CDRs have significantly supported the National Housing and Population census that just concluded in the country, as well as the electoral process underway throughout the island.

CDR members are currently involved in backing the national campaign against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits diseases, such as Dengue.

During the hurricane season, Cuban citizens organize to coordinate with civil defense authorities different actions design to minimize the possible impact by natural phenomena on their neighborhoods.

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