Cuban Province to Honor Teofilo Stevenson

Cuba will erect a monument and a plaza to pay tribute to the deceased three-time Olympian and world champion boxer Teofilo Stevenson in the eastern province of Las Tunas, Granma newspaper confirmed.

Lilian Rodriguez, president of the government in that territory, explained that sports and cultural events are being designed in remembrance of the athlete, who died June 11, 2012 of a sudden heart attack.

According to Rodriguez, the plaza will have symbolic sculptures to represent the Olympics, plus stands and events for sports figures and the public to share experiences.

Dr. Alcides Sagarra, the former boxer’s main coach, announced that starting next year, the Teofilo Stevenson Cup will be held in Las Tunas where heavyweight boxing will be the priority.

Several Cuban musicians like Pedrito Calvo and Odelquis Reve will also promote a festival in the country to honor and raise funds to help perpetuate Stevenson’s memory.

For its part, the orchestra H-Son, from Puerto Padre municipality, where Stevenson was born 60 years ago, has now decided to call itself H-Son La Pegada (The Punch), in memory of the famous boxer.

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