Cuba Urges to Reinforce Conference on Disarmament


Cuba reaffirmed on Thursday its call to reinforce the UN Conference on Disarmament and said it is a responsibility of all states.

Speaking before the Conference on Disarmament today, Cuban delegate Yusnier Romero said that speeches of the past few plenary sessions confirm the importance granted to this world forum by most countries.

However, he warned of the insistence by some states on negotiating treaties in other spaces, which would mean a dangerous step back.

In the opinion of Cuba and other members of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM), nuclear disarmament is and must remain the top priority within the work program of the Conference, said Romero.

The NAM proposal is an action plan to gradually reduce atomic weapons until they are completely eliminated and banned by 2025.

Cuba considers that the Conference on Disarmament has the capacity to negotiate a treaty that eliminates nuclear weapons, and at the same time bans the arms race in space and the production of fissile material to produce atomic weapons.

This treaty must give effective security guarantees to states like Cuba, which do not have this type of arsenals, said Romero.

The Conference on Disarmament was created in 1979 in a special period of sessions of the UN General Assembly and currently has 65 members. (Taken from PL)

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