Cuba: A Home for Guayaberas in Sancti Spiritus

Dayamis Sotolongo

Mainly aimed at saving the garment from forgetfulness, La Guayabera Sociocultural project was born in Sancti Spiritus in 2007. This undertaking, with no precedents in the island, has turned into a cultural  experience in the community.

After four years of existence without permanent headquarters, La Guayabera has finally found a home. The former Quinta Santa Elena restaurant, will keep the collection that owns over a hundred shirts donated by renowned personalities.

It has not been well determined whether the first guayabera shirt was made by a local woman who lived upon the Yayabo river, or by an Iberian tailor who had settled in this village. But, it is a fact that the guayaberas -first known as yayaberas- became very popular in this territory.

With the time, the shirt became famous and has turned, in addition to its almost symbolic value, into a headache for many historians and into a pretext for others who still try to preserve its linage.

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