Raul at Summit on Ebola: Cuba is Willing to Work Side by Side with Every Country

We invite the countries of North America to also cooperate in this endeavour, said Raul Castro. (Photo taken from ACN) When addressing the heads of State and Government of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Trade Treaty of the Peoples (ALBA-TCP) and observer countries gathered in Havana for the summit on Ebola, Cuban President Raul Castro referred to the importance of the action of the international community, under the leadership of the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization and the UN Mission.

Margaret Chan Sends Message to ALBA Summit on Ebola

ALBA Heads of State in Cuba for Ebola Summit

Fidel Castro: The Time of Duty »

Ecuadorian Economist Rejects US Blockade of Cuba

Ecuadorian Market Power Control Superintendent Pedro Paez condemned in France the aggressive policy of the blockade of Cuba thatUS has maintained until present day. »

Uruguayan President Mujica Confident about Tabaré Vazquez Win

Recent polls show that the election on October 26 will go to a runoff, scheduled for November 30 between leftist Frente Amplio leader, Tabaré Vazquez and his closest rival, Lacalle Pou. (Photo taken from telesurtv.net/English)Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said that Tabaré Vázquez, candidate of his ruling Broad Front (FA) party will go on to win the upcoming elections. »

Antonio Guerrero Grateful for International Solidarity

Cuban anti-terrorist fighter Antonio Guerrero expressed thanks for the solidarity and affection received on the occasion of the 22nd birthday of his son Gabriel, in a letter published by Granma newspaper. »

Admission of Venezuela to UN Security Council Historic

“This resounding triumph is a result of a decision by late commander president Hugo Chavez Frias”, said Venezuelan foreign minister. (Photo taken from avn.info.ve)Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rafael Ramírez termed historic the admission of his country to the UN Security Council, with widespread backing from the General Assembly. »

Role of Farming Women Highlighted in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

ANAP female associates have been doubled in Sancti Spiritus during last five years. (Photo: Vicente Brito/Escambray)Rural women have new opportunities for participation, which is in accordance with the socioeconomic project being implemented in the country. »


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Fidel Castro’s Comments on New York Times Column

Referring to the US blockade of Cuba, Fidel said that in just a few days the world community will express at the United Nations its agreement or disagreement in this respect. Fidel Castro comments on an Internet edition of The New York Times »

Historic Sancti Spiritus Rearranges

Self-employed business people will not be allowed to exhibit or sell their products in unauthorized areas. (Photo: A. del Valle)   New regulations will be in force starting next November 1st, in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba. »