Machado Ventura Highlights Progress of Sancti Spiritus

machado-foto-ismael-franciscoThe Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, José Ramón Machado Ventura,who delivered the key note speech at the national ceremony on occasion of the commeoration of the 26th of July, said that in recent years Sancti Spiriutus has seen sustained progress in key economic and social indicators.”It  stands out, among others, for the gradual expansion, based on solid foundations, of agricultural production”, he added.

Raul Castro Presides Over 26 of July Ceremony in Sancti Spiritus (+photos) »

Sancti Spiritus Welcomes Juan Rius Rivera Solidarity Brigade

The brigade is made up of nearly 118 members, including a group of young people who come for the first time in order to get a first-hand knowledge of the Cuban reality  »

Germany Authorities Report 10 Dead at Munich Shooting

Ten people were killed at a suicide attack in Munich, Germany, including the attacker, local media reported. Police reports indicate there were several children among the victims  »

Cuba, US to Hold Second Meeting on Mutual Compensation

This new dialogue, which is part of the process towards the normalization of bilateral relations, will take place in Washington  »

Jatibonico del Sur River Basin undergoes Renovation

Work is moving forward on some 30 water supply projects ion the province, including repairs of 11 pump stations and the Siguaney-Zaza River conduit  »

Ricardo Cabrisas Welcomes Parliamentary Deputy Minister of Japan

Cabrisas and Hitoshi Kikawada corroborated the increasing development of bilateral relations, and ratified their willingness to further promote exchanges in areas of common interest  »

Cuba and U.S.A. Baseball Teams to Play Again

The national teams of Cuba and the United States will celebrate their traditional dual meet in baseball with five matches from July 23rd to 27th, in several provinces of Cuba  »

UN Allocates Budget to Fight AIDS in South Africa

The United Nations (UN) announced a fund of almost $420 million USD to end AIDS epidemic in South Africa, today with the world’s highest population of people with HIV  »


Constructive Remodeling of Sancti Spiritus’s Serafin Sanchez Square Completed

The constructive remodeling of the Major General Serafin Sanchez Valdivia Revolution Square of Sancti Spiritus, which was chosen as venue for the national ceremony on the occasion of July 26th commemoration has been already concluded  »

Raul Castro Disregards Possible Collapse of Cuban Economy

Raul Castro Disregards Possible Collapse of Cuban Economy (Photo: ACN)Speech delivered by Raúl Castro Ruz during the National Assembly of the People’s Power 8th Legislature’s 7th Period of Ordinary Sessions, on July 8, 2016 »

Sancti Spiritus’s Provincial Hospital undergoes Major Refurbishment

sancti spiritus en 26, cuba, 26th of july, moncada garrison attack, camilo cienfuegos regional hospitalNearly 25 million pesos have been so far invested in the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital of Sancti Spiritus, as part of the restoration program started there in 2005 »

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