Sancti Spíritus Opens Doors to New School Year

Faced with the challenge of implementing several transformations promoted by the Cuban Ministry of Education (Mined), Sancti Spíritus will welcome the new academic year this September 1st, when 434 schools will open their doors.

Over 73 300 students of various courses will attend classes this school year, which will be characterized with greater flexibility in the organization of school activities.  »

Cuba Takes Measures against Illegal Entry of Capital

Cuba has adopted measures to minimize the entry of illegal capital sourcing from foreign investment transactions, an expert from Cuba’s Central Bank (CCB) stated. »

Brazil: Socialist Candidate Threatens Rousseff Reelection

Brazilian socialist candidate Marina Silva has displaced her adversary from the Social Democratic Party, Aecio Neves, and is threatening the reelection of President Dilma Rousseff, in the October elections. »

Image of La Caridad del Cobre Virgin at Vatican Gardens

A replica of the image of the Virgin of La Caridad del Cobre will be placed today at the Vatican Gardens, said Pope Francis, sending his greetings to all Cuban Catholics. »

Over One Hundred Patients Get Pacemakers Every Year in Sancti Spiritus

Over a hundred cardiovascular patients are implanted pacemakers in Sancti Spiritus every year. »

Cuba Renders Meritable Performance at Youth Olympics

Cuba had a commendable performance at the Second Youth Olympics, which is entering its last day of competitions today in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, said the head of that delegation, Heriberto Suarez. »


The Cuba Libre is a popular mixed drink from Cuba that combines rum, coke, and lime.

Cuban Child Fulfills Dream of Meeting Fidel Castro

Marlon Mendez when talking with the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution. »

Summer Tourism in Trinidad de Cuba (+ photos)

Cuban summer also attracts visitors to the village of Trinidad. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa)Foreign visitors have also arrived in Trinidad in the hot summer. »