Zaza Dam is almost Dry for the Cyclone Season

With an accumulated volume of 115 million cubic meters, barely 13% of its filling capacity, the Zaza dam is almost dry at the beginning of the hurricane season

To prevent the country’s largest reservoir from reaching its dead volume, which is 90 million, during the last months water has been transferred from the Tuinucú, Dinorah and La Felicidad dams, while at the same time the delivery to its main client has been reduced: the agro-industrial grain company Sur del Jíbaro de La Sierpe, where at the same time rice production has contracted.

The panorama of the Zaza marks that of the province that received the start of the hurricane season with only 261,592 million cubic meters, 22% of its filling capacity.

Data from the Command Post of the Hydraulic Resources Delegation confirm that a more favorable panorama is presented by the reservoirs that contribute to the supply of water to the population, with Siguaney at 68%, Tuinucú at 65% and Lebrige at 51%.

The low availability of water in the reservoirs of Espiritu is related to the drought that has plagued the province in recent months and that did not even stop in the month of May when the accumulated rainfall was 56% of the historical average with 98.2 mm.

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