New collaboration project with UN agency announced in Cuba

The National Office of Statistics and Information of the Republic of Cuba (ONEI) announced the closing of a collaborative project developed with the technical assistance of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The project is the Design for carrying out the Agricultural and Forestry Census in the country, as indicated by the institution in a review of the results of its management in 2023, provided to the Cuban News Agency.

An inventory of this type would be the first in Cuba since 1946, which will make it possible to have updated, standardized and comparable information on the agricultural structural base.

According to ONEI, its implementation will help lay the foundations for the modernization of agricultural statistics, which contribute to the monitoring of the UN Development Goals as well as the evaluation and monitoring of the Law on Food Sovereignty and Food Security.

FAO agreed with Cuba to prepare the 2020-2024 Country Programming Framework, establish priority areas and cross-cutting themes, including inclusive food systems, confronting climate change, increasing resilience, and strengthening disaster risk reduction management in sustainable productive landscapes. 

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