Higher Education Congress in Cuba hosts ministers’ forum

Education ministers and authorities will discuss today the social transformation, quality, relevance and sustainability of the higher education of the future, within the framework of the University Congress 2024, which is being held in Cuba.

Educational leaders from the region and the world, gathered at a forum in the capital’s Palacio de las Convenciones, will analyze the role of the university as an entity for sustainable development.

According to the Congress website, professors will also discuss the internationalization of higher education, cooperation and the need for mutual recognition of studies.

Other topics that will guide the interventions of the forum are the digital transformation in higher education, as well as university governance and financing of this sector.

From this Wednesday until Thursday, a preparatory meeting for the IIII Regional Conference on Higher Education (CRES18+5) will also take place to reach a consensus, based on the exchanges and synergies among the participants in the analysis of the axes, on the report to be presented in Brazil, the country that will host the event next March.

The XIV International Congress on Higher Education Universidad 2024 is a platform for sharing experiences and knowledge among academics and experts from 40 countries

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