Cuban beach volleyball duo qualify for Paris 2024

The Cuban beach duo Noslen Díaz-Jorge Luis Alayo officially qualified for Paris 2024, after their recent performance in the Stare Jablonki Challenge, Poland, and the elimination of the Austrian and Chilean duos in the Elite 16 from Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The good news was confirmed on Wednesday, when the Austrians and Chileans fell by the wayside in the Czech tournament, since they were the only ones who could displace the disciples of Francisco Álvarez Cutiño.

The Caribbeans were waiting for the result in Ostrava in 17th place in the ranking, with 7,800 points, a position that kept them in the qualification zone for the Parisian multi-sport event, from July 26 to August 11.

Díaz and Alayo won the silver medal in the men’s tournament of the Pro Tour World Challenge Tournament in the Polish city on Sunday, falling 1-2 against the Czech world champion duo of Onderj Perusic and David Schweiner, a performance that confirmed them in the zone.

Previously, in the Elite 16 of the World Pro Tour in Tepic, Mexico, they achieved a historic bronze medal and finished in the round of 16 in the World Pro Tour of the Challenge in Xiamen, China.

Álvarez Cutiño’s pupils also obtained two silver medals and a fourth place in the World Tour in the Recife and Saquarema Challenges, both in Brazil, and in Guadalajara, Mexico.

They also achieved silver in the Varadero, Cuba, phase of the North, Central America and Caribbean Circuit (Norceca), as well as silver and bronze in the two phases of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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