The Washington Post highlights Cuba’s potential in vaccine production

In a recent article, The Washington Post affirmed that for the next pandemic it is necessary to let Cuba vaccinate the world to avoid a disaster like that of HIV/AIDS-19, a disease that has so far caused the death of more than 15,000,000 people.

The Washington Post highlights Cuba's potential in vaccine production
The Washington Post highlights Cuba’s potential in vaccine production

Last week, they explain in the text, the World Health Organization, WHO, met in Geneva to begin to discuss a preparedness agreement for future pandemic events.

They assure that, although the measures to be taken by the WHO are not known, they will not recommend easing U.S. sanctions against Cuba’s domestic biotechnology industry, which has the means to develop cutting-edge vaccines and treatments and share them with countries for which it is impossible to pay the premium prices of first-world pharmaceutical companies.

The U.S. newspaper described this position as a mistake and recalls how Cuba decided to share its vaccines with the world in spite of all the obstacles to their manufacture and certification, managing to export almost as many doses of vaccines as it used in the country, supplying Venezuela, Mexico, Vietnam, Syria, Nicaragua, Belarus and Iran.

This attitude is contrary to that assumed by the North American country and Europe, in addition to the fact that African and South Asian nations also desperately needed vaccines and denied Cuba’s help due to the pressures exerted by the blockade against the island and against those countries that do not comply with those coercive measures.

Three years after the arrival of the coronavirus, it is hard to accept that lives were unnecessarily lost due to bad actions, but “now there is time to prepare for the next pandemic, to set a course towards a more equitable distribution of medical technologies, concludes the note, which indicates that the US embargo, blockade, is not only harming Cuba but “is hurting the world”.

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