Western Cuba Prepares for Tropical Storm Arlene

Authorities in the westernmost Cuban province of Pinar del Rio activated a temporary working group to take measures aimed at preventing loss of human lives and property damage under any impact of tropical storm Arlene, which approaches northern Cuba.

Western Cuba Prepares for Tropical Storm Arlene
Western Cuba Prepares for Tropical Storm Arlene

Municipal governments in this territory activated 11 command posts which are following the future track of the storm.

The first secretary of the Communist Party Provincial Committee in Pinar del Rio, Yamile Ramos, said they have experience from the latest natural events like hurricane Ian and heavy rains last year under which some people did not follow civil defense protection rules leading to loss of lives.
The official explained that authorities have visited homes to check who must evacuate to safe areas and shelters.

Yoel Hernandez, provincial agriculture official said that over 11.3 thousand tons of tobacco leaves will be protected in the territory.

Other actions include the harvest of Mango fruits which will be processed or taken to local markets.

Yamile Ramos called on water supply actions and the protection of construction materials being used in ongoing home repairs as part of the recovery stage after the passage of hurricane Ian.

Although tropical storm Arlene is a weak and short-lived phenomenon, authorities call on the people to follow meteorological information.

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