July was the warmest month for Cuba since 1951

The Cuban Institute of Meteorology confirmed that the month of July turned out to be the warmest for Cuba since 1951.

The thermometers registered an average temperature of 29.1 degrees Celsius (°C), and this value places it as the hottest month reported in Havana for that same period of time, exceeding 29.04°C in August 2020.

Between days 10 and 17, the average temperature remained above 29°C, reaching a maximum peak of 29.76°C on the 17th. Another stage of similar behavior of the average temperature values ​​took place from July 22 to 29, with the record of 29.54°C on Sunday the 23rd.

On July 17 maximum temperature records were established, the most notable being 39°C degrees in Jucarito, in the eastern province of Granma, on the 22nd. 

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