Cuba and Russia strengthen military relations

The Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba, Álvaro López Miera, and his Russian Defense counterpart Sergei Shoigu, confirmed this Tuesday the strength of their military relations.

“Without a doubt, Cuba has been and continues to be Russia’s most important ally in the region. Cuban friends confirmed their attitude towards our country, they even demonstrated their full understanding of the reasons for launching the military operation in Ukraine”, said the head of the Russian military department during the meeting held in Moscow.

He also pointed out that Russia plans to jointly develop with Cuba a series of projects in the technical-military field, and proposed a closer rapprochement.

Shoigu specified in conversations with López Miera that Russia is willing to help Cuba, subjected to the illegal economic, commercial and financial blockade by the United States for more than 60 years.

Likewise, he stressed that Russian-Cuban relations are on the rise today. Several high-level Russian delegations made official trips to Cuba this year, and Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero recently paid an official visit to Russia.

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