International Symposium Cubadisco 2023 to be held in Havana

The International Symposium ‘Cubadisco 2023’ begins this Tuesday dedicated to several of the cultural institutions that organize the biggest music events in Cuba.

International Symposium Cubadisco 2023 to be held in Havana
International Symposium Cubadisco 2023 to be held in Havana

The 45th anniversary of the Center for Research and Development of Cuban Music (Cidmuc), two decades of Colibri Productions and 10 years of Canal Clave, an informative space on national television, represent the honorees on this stage.

The opening remarks will be given by musicologist Laura Vilar, director of Cidmuc, who in the Abelardo Estorino Hall of the Cuban Ministry of Culture, will give an account of the significance of the International Record Fair.

The inaugural conference entitled “Music and Decolonization. Homage to Leonardo Acosta”, by Dr. Maria de Los Angeles Cordova, musicologist and professor at the University of the Arts.

Next, in the same morning session, the Panel “Producciones Colibrí. History of the awards achieved and their contribution to the rescue of the Cuban musical heritage”, with invited musicians and producers.

The morning session will end with three presentations. The first is entitled “Tambor 2.0: Afro-Venezuelan music in electronic key”.

The next presentation is entitled “The role of musical podcasts in the rescue, preservation and socialization of the nation’s sound heritage”. After midday, “Movimiento Comunitario Amigos del Danzón. Work for the preservation of our traditions” will be presented after noon.

The Cubadisco 2023 International Symposium will resume its activities in the afternoon with an online workshop entitled “Music Industry. Notes for a survival manual”, which will close the first day of the event.

The event takes place in the context of the Caribbean nation’s biggest recording party, Cubadisco 2023.

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