Cuba maintains priority in attending to social vulnerability

Cuba maintains the priority in the attention to situations of social vulnerability, deputy prime minister and head of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil, said today before the National Assembly of People’s Power (parliament)

Gil acknowledged, during the presentation of Cuba’s economic outlook at the second extraordinary meeting of the current legislature, that equity gaps have widened in the country.

We are aware that pensions are not enough to cover the basic needs of people who gave everything for the country and the Revolution, that the salary is not a source of stimulus for work, everything we have done has not given the required results, he said. However, he pointed out that no matter how hard the economic scenario of Cuba may be, social benefits such as health and education have never ceased to be protected, and work continues to reach those who face situations of vulnerability, in a context where inflation has reached 45.4 percent year-on-year.

He pointed out that 189,344 families in this condition were identified in the country, which represents more than 350,000 people, and the number of mothers with severely disabled children who receive protection exceeds 3,700.

He added that work is being carried out in 1,158 communities, where social transformation actions have been initiated to change the living conditions of those who live there.

In this regard, he exemplified that some 4,300 families overcame their situation of economic vulnerability, while the sale of subsidized food to thousands of people in the family assistance systems continues, together with other forms of social assistance.

Another relevant fact is that so far this year there are more than 49,000 new employees in the economy.

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