Council of State of the Republic of Cuba approved new Decree Laws

Cuba’s Council of State approved two decree laws and examined the implementation of regulatory provisions in ordinary session, headed by the body’s president, Esteban Lazo, it was learned Friday.

The legislators approved, the day before, a normative provision on the security and protection of classified and limited information, which establishes the rules to guarantee the security and protection of those data in any support, which reflect the activity of the State or information issued by another legal or natural person.

The second decree-law issued on the development, application and use of cryptographic protection devices and services in the sphere of cryptography in the Caribbean country, stipulates the organization and operation of this sphere.

The members of the body were updated on the country’s economic situation and analyzed the performance and impact of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and non-agricultural cooperatives, informed the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament).

In addition, they evaluated the measures adopted as a result of the exercise of high supervision of the Ministry of Construction. On this area, they insisted on the need to strengthen the local production of materials, to use available resources more efficiently and to deploy innovation.

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