U.S. Organization opens another Bridge of Love with Cuba

A group of U.S. students arrived Wednesday in Cuba with a solidarity load of powdered milk for pediatric hospitals. Their mission is building bridges of love between the two peoples, said activist Carlos Lazo.

U.S. Organization opens another Bridge of Love with Cuba
U.S. Organization opens another Bridge of Love with Cuba

The coordinator of the Bridges of Love project said that this group of 40 young people are a prophecy for a future of solidarity relations. They did their bit to lift the coercive measures that weighed on the island.

“When years go by, when common sense and love prevail over this era of hatred and misunderstanding, we will look back and remember this day and these young people,” said the Cuban American professor.

Lazo called for an end to the economic war that punishes and kills the Cuban people and advocated for a better future.

“The future is and has to be a future of love!” the activist stressed.

He also invited people to join the initiative to donate to the lechepacuba.com project.

The organizer explained that the solidarity action will allow the delivery of five thousand pounds of powdered milk from the campaign, which has already made two other shipments for similar purposes.

According to Prensa Latina, the young people, who are also accompanied by some of their parents, are enthusiastic about lending a hand to the people of Cuba.

Last January, Lazo arrived in Havana with a donation of 15,000 pounds of the essential product for children’s food.

In addition, in November 2021, they collected 18 thousand pounds destined for children’s circles and homes for the elderly in the eastern provinces of Holguín, Granma, and Guantánamo.

The platform led by the activist is part of the growing network of solidarity with Cuba within the United States, which calls on Joe Biden’s administration to resume the path of understanding between the two countries and demands lifting the blockade.

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