Tenth Regular Session of the National Assembly of People’s Power begins in plenary session

The 10th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly of People’s Power began in plenary session in its 9th Legislature, the last of the period and in which Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel is present.

The President of the Parliament, Esteban Lazo, submitted to vote the broad plan of the agenda that begins with the presentation of the Report on the Economy in the current year and the fulfillment of the approved measures, by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Alejandro Gil Fernandez.

Lazo explained that the Council of State, taking into account the opinions contributed by the deputies, agreed to postpone for another meeting of this legislature the analysis and approval of the Social Communication Bill.

He added that due to the complexity of the document as well as the contributions of the deputies that enrich it, this version will be published on the website of the National Assembly of People’s Power for consultation by the people.

He added that this Social Communication Bill is a pillar of the government, therefore, given its importance, it will be postponed for another session.

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