President Díaz-Canel assesses work after the accident at Saratoga Hotel

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel evaluated Thursday the progress of the actions being carried out at the Saratoga Hotel and adjacent buildings after the accident on May 6.

Foto: Estudios Revolución
Foto: Estudios Revolución

During the meeting held at the Palace of the Revolution, the head of state was particularly interested in the families affected by the explosion caused by a gas leak, which left 46 people dead and almost a hundred injured.

Díaz-Canel said that solidarity and support for these people should continue to be at the center of all actions.

The governor of Havana, Reinaldo García Zapata, informed that work is being carried out to recover the belongings of the families who lived in the building closest to the hotel, and so far these tasks have been completed in 11 of the 27 apartments, while work is being conducted in other neighboring buildings.

García Zapata explained that in the next few days, the earth moving should be completed. The construction of the new two-story buildings for the families who lost their homes as a consequence of the blast will live should begin.

Likewise, he assured that the repair works in other facilities such as the Martí theater, the Baptist temple, and the ‘Concepción Arenal’ school, which were also damaged, are progressing well.

Meanwhile, work is progressing on the fencing, lighting, and shoring up of the Saratoga structures, while work is being done on the technical report of the building.

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