Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba

The 32nd U.S. -Cuba Friendshipment Caravan will travel to the island on Monday in a new embrace of solidarity despite the blockade imposed by the United States on the island for more than six decades

Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba
Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba

The 91-member group is primarily young people aged 18-30 years who have never visited Cuba before.

They will depart from the International Airport in Miami. In this city, they arrived after merging the caravans that traveled more than 20 U.S. cities on three different routes, with the message against the unilateral siege implemented by the White House.

They also collected donations and funds to purchase medicines for the Cuban people.

Our goal is to reach “new generations of friends of Cuba,” Samira Addrey, program coordinator of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)/Pastors for Peace, told Prensa Latina.

The caravanistas will stay in Cuba until July 30, and during that time, they will carry out an extensive program of activities.

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