National meeting of the Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba concluded

The Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba concluded this Sunday its XXXI National Meeting in the city of Barranquilla, after several days of analysis and initiatives to strengthen the struggle against the U.S. blockade of our country.

The Cuban ambassador, Javier Caamaño, and the National Director of Epidemiology of the Island, Francisco Durán, participated as guests.

Also present were members of all the solidarity associations, as well as young people, militants of various progressive forces, and union leaders, who together make up the Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba.

Casa Caribe of Barranquilla was in charge of organizing the event and according to many of the participants, it has been one of the most massive concrete initiatives to advance solidarity projects with the Caribbean nation.

Joy and optimism due to the current political moment this country is going through with a new progressive government, and also Latin America in general, characterized this event whose central theme was For the lifting of the blockade, unity, and brotherhood with Cuba!

This closing day included the screening of the documentary La Gota de agua (The Drop of Water), which exposes the impact of the U.S. government blockade, by Cuban filmmakers Iriana Pupo and Yaimi Ravelo.

The team also included renowned Cuban artist Nelson Domínguez, who illustrated the promotional poster for The Drop of Water, and Graciela Ramírez, editor-in-chief of Resumen Latinoamericano in Havana, producer of the film.

At the end of the day, Casa Caribe handed over the pro tempore presidency of the Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba to the Casa de Solidaridad de Boyacá Iván Mora Godoy, founded last March to further unite both peoples and travel together along the paths of friendship and common roots

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