More than 4,300 irregular migrants returned to Cuba this year

A total of 4,361 irregular migrants have been returned to Cuba this year through 99 maritime and air operations, the island’s migration authorities reported.

Mexico Returns Irregular Cuban Migrants
Mexico Returns Irregular Cuban Migrants

The most recent took place Friday when a flight from Mexico arrived at José Martí International Airport in Havana with 15 women and 24 men, who left Cuba legally but joined the irregular flow of migrants seeking to reach the United States.

On its web page, the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) informed that this is the 28th operation so far this year in which 1,459 Cuban citizens have already been received from the neighboring country.

Meanwhile, through the Port of Orozco, in western Cuba, the U.S. Coast Guard returned 47 irregular migrants in the 55th operation of the year for 2,640 Cuban citizens born by this route.

The Cuban government has reiterated its commitment to promote orderly and safe migration, in contrast to the dangers of irregular migration in which many are exposed to life-threatening situations.

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