More than 20 cities around the world demand an end to the blockade against Cuba

Voices of solidarity around Cuba and against the blockade were heard again in more than 20 cities worldwide to demand an end to that criminal policy.

unblock cuba

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz thanked on Twitter for expressing solidarity with Cuba.

“The feelings of fraternity and solidarity guide the efforts of fellow countrymen and friends around the world in the unceasing struggle against the inhumane blockade and in the building of Bridges of Love with the Cuban people,” said, on his part, from the same social media network, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla.

Organizations in solidarity with Cuba called for protests in front of U.S. consular offices, public events, walks through downtown streets, and caravans of cars and cycles, among other initiatives.

They also disseminated photos with Cuban flags, allegorical posters to be uploaded on social media, and messages and proclamations against the blockade.

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