Media marathon condemns Washington’s blockade against Cuba

Europe for Cuba channel is hosting a 24-hour media marathon to denounce and condemn the U.S. blockade against the island this Saturday. This is an uninterrupted forum of transmissions with voices from several continents that have confirmed their participation.

Media marathon condemns Washington's blockade against Cuba
Media marathon condemns Washington’s blockade against Cuba

At 20:00 French time, the marathon convened in January by the platform activated in October 2020 will kick-off to promote world solidarity with Cuba in the face of the aggressions it is facing from Washington.

Speaking with Prensa Latina news agency José Antonio Toledo, Haydeline Díaz, and Patricia Pérez, Europe for Cuba channel coordinators, assured that the technical conditions are created for new universal demand for the immediate immediate immediate cessation of the blockade.

This time it will be a repudiation of the blockade expressed by the media, civil society organizations, political forces, parliamentarians, personalities, and citizens, all with the same opportunity to raise their voices against a criminal policy, they stressed.

According to the promoters of the media marathon, expectations are high, supported by the great diversity of voices from dozens of countries that accepted to ratify that the world is on the side of justice and truth.

The 24-hour event will begin with a speech by Cuban Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Fernández de Cossío, and in its first moments, will include statements by the ambassadors to France and Belgium, Otto Vaillant and Yaira Jiménez, respectively.

Well-known traditional media, other alternative or smaller media, youtubers, solidarity groups, political parties, and international organizations will have space in the marathon, with interspersed presentations by experts and personalities, who will explain the blockade its impact, said Toledo, Diaz and Perez.

The confirmed list of participants includes the networks Telesur, HispanTV, Al Mayadeen and Cubavisión Internacional; the news agencies Prensa Latina, SANA and Sputnik, the Venezuelan National Assembly channel ANTV and radio stations such as La Radio del Sur, Radio Patagonia, Radio Rebelde and Radio Habana Cuba.

Communist and progressive parties from several countries, Spanish MEP Manu Pineda, intellectuals Fernando Buen Abad (Mexico) and Atilio Borón (Argentina), French parliamentarian Francois-Michel Lambert and Argentine activists Stella Calloni and Hebe de Bonafini also announced their contribution to the initiative.

Regarding organizations, the list includes, among others, the World Federation of Trade Unions, the Latin American Network of Solidarity with Cuba, the National and International Council of Popular Communication, the Pastors for Peace (United States), and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) of El Salvador.

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