International project expands to Cuban southern coast

With actions aimed at improving water quality, health and welfare of communities, the global initiative My Coast extends the scope of the international Coastal Resilience project, which is being implemented on the northern coast as part of the fight against climate change, to two sections of riverbanks in southern Cuba.


Alejandro Gonzalez Diaz, coordinator of that program in the province of Ciego de Avila(central region), pointed out that with eight years of investment and 22 of maintenance, it will operate in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Artemisa and Mayabeque (Section One) and Ciego de Avila, Camagüey, Las Tunas and Granma (Section Two).

He said that My Coast addresses the main elements of the Cuban State’s Plan to Confront Climate Change (Tarea Vida) and responds to the interest in protecting the coastal area in the most vulnerable municipalities of Cuba’s southern coast.

About 1.3 million people, residents of seven marine settlements and 24 municipalities, will benefit from this program, which plans to increase resilience by implementing ecosystem-based adaptation (ABE by its Spanish acronym), Gonzales Diaz added.

ABE consists of the recovery and strengthening of coastal wetland services (mangroves and swamp forests, fundamentally) that will allow dissipation of the energy of extreme waves and strong winds.

This principle will contribute to reestablish the functionality of these environments that provide protection services against natural disasters, while the training of the factors that interact in the area and the strengthening of control measures will ensure the sustainability and continuity of the process, he insisted.

With financing from the Cuban government and the Green Climate Fund, My Coast will make it possible to improve the availability and quality of water and reduce the risks associated with this resource (droughts, floods and salinization of the vital liquid and soils).

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