Funeral honors for the fallen in Matanzas set for Friday

Once the process of search and identification of the missing persons in the control and extinction of the fire of great proportions occurred in the supertanker base of Matanzas, this Friday, August 19, funeral honors will be held for those fallen in the line of duty.

From 6:00 am this Thursday to 12:00 at night on Friday, this nationwide tribute to those who died in the control and extinction of the large-scale fire that affected the Industrial Zone of that western Cuban province from August 5 to 12 will be in force.

According to the presidential decree issued on Wednesday, the work carried out there was a heroic act, in which personal and collective courage prevailed, and meant a new epic of the Cuban people.

The funeral honors of those who died in the line of duty will be held on Friday, August 19, so the population could express their feelings of pain and solidarity and will pay a well-deserved tribute to them at the Firefighters Museum in Matanzas from 10:00 hours, local time to 17:00 hours, local time. From 18:00 hours, local time, the funeral procession will leave for the Pantheon of the Fallen for the Defense, in the Matanzas cemetery, where a family burial ceremony will take place.

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