Díaz-Canel evokes Cuba’s heroic deed at Bay of Pigs

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel evoked today on Twitter the epic events of Bay of Pigs 61 years ago, when the fighters of the Island faced up to the invasion financed by the United States.

Fidel Castro en Playa Girón

The president recalled a phrase of the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, during his April 19, 1971 speech in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the victory at Bay of Pigs: “When we fought in the Sierra Maestra mountains, the Revolution waged war for a number of objectives…, but our combatants went to Bay of Pigs to fight and die and pay whatever price was necessary for the cause of socialism,” the head of state stressed then.

Following an attack on Cuban airports, the burial of the victims and the proclamation of the socialist character of the Revolution, the invasion began on April 17, 1961, intended to disembark troops and establish a beachhead in the province of Matanzas to put in place a government previously designated by Washington.

Seventy-two hours sufficed to defeat an operation long planned in Miami and Washington, Cuban media articles remarked about the epic deed of the Cubans to crush the mercenary invasion.

Six decades later, new young people are leading new battles in the Zapata Swamp and across Cuba, narrating them in their profiles and virtual groups to let the record show that life always outdoes itself.

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