Cuban president congratulates community project leader

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Saturday congratulated the director of the Quisicuaba Sociocultural Project, Enrique Aleman, who was awarded the National Community Culture Prize.

Cuban president congratulates community project leader
Cuban president congratulates community project leader

On his Twitter account, the Cuban head of State described the initiative of the religious institution as a work of infinite love and an example for all.

The main objective of the Quisicuaba Project is to strengthen the responsible participation of the community in aspects related to health care, education, self-responsibility, values and identity.

It also promotes the cultural heritage of the Los Sitios neighborhood, in the Havana municipality of Centro Habana, to disseminate the history of that neighborhood.

The non-profit institution articulates some thirty social reintegration programs, including a trade school and a classroom where lectures are given for the empowerment of Afro-descendant women, single mothers with several children, and men and women living with HIV-AIDS.

Likewise, the project also attends to young transgressors of the law, homeless people, senior citizens, LGBTIQ+ communities and their families.

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