Cuban Jasiel Rivero and his club for tenth win at Spanish basketball league

Cuban Jasiel Rivero and his club Valencia Basket will seek today their tenth victory in the Spanish basketball league, in a match against Gran Canaria

Cuban Jasiel Rivero
Cuban Jasiel Rivero

The Valencians, with a record of nine wins and six losses, are in seventh place in the standings, and if they win, they would mathematically assure their participation at the Copa del Rey to be held in Granada February 17-20.

In the case of Gran Canaria, they will try to achieve their eighth success in a tournament where they have suffered nine setbacks, placing them in 12th place among 18 teams, according to the official website of the event.

For Valencia Basket it will be a good opportunity to extend its consecutive six-game winning streak in all competitions, two in the Spanish League and four at the Eurocup basketball tournament, a competition that in terms of quality is only behind the Euroleague in the Old Continent.

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