Cuba steps up epidemiological vigilance against monkeypox

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health is stepping up its epidemiological surveillance after confirming the first case of monkeypox in the Caribbean nation


The Ministry informed that as part of the strategy to face the disease, it would work for greater control at the entry points and already has trained personnel for the timely detection of the disease.

The flow chart for the care of patients with the suspected disease has also been defined, and measures to control the outbreak have been established.

The health authorities have already decided which assistance units will be used to treat cases with the disease.

There are biosecurity norms for patients, family members, and service providers, considering the level of contagiousness and the way this pathology is spread.

On Saturday, the ministry reported that an Italian patient in Cuba since August 15 became the first case of simian smallpox to be diagnosed in the country.

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