Cuba plans industrial-scale production of traffic light components by 2022

The industrial-scale production of traffic light cabinets, control boxes, and traffic light cards will make it possible to achieve technological sovereignty in this area and considerable foreign exchange savings.

Likewise, once this work is consolidated, speed radars and breathalyzers will be developed for the second semester of 2022 by the National Road Safety Commission (CNSV).

Reinaldo Becerra Acosta, secretary of that entity, told Granma newspaper that this work seeks to reduce accident levels and their consequences and thus contribute to road safety.

Among other measures, The National Road Safety Commission wants to maintain adequate levels of road signaling in areas of economic development, tourist areas, and in the most dangerous roads, making more rational use of the limited resources available.

Becerra Acosta added that the work would also focus on increasing, together with the rest of the inspection bodies of the Ministry of Transportation (Mitrans), the participation in the controls to the main cargo or passenger transportation bases, which will allow detecting drivers and vehicles problems before they go out on the public roads.

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