A code with all and for all

Cuba began on Tuesday a process of popular consultation of the draft Family Code, an exercise of participatory democracy scheduled to run until April 30 throughout the country in which people will be able to participate, give opinions and contribute to the final provisions of the Act

The Family Code: A project of love and justice in Cuba
The Family Code: A project of love and justice in Cuba

Prior to this moment, and after its approval by the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP), there was a dynamic test involving all of Cuba’s 12,513 constituencies.

Havana residents referred to the document as a vanguard law that protects everybody’s rights and a progressive text that stands as a legal victory for Cuba by recognizing the diversity of Cuban families.

A nationwide democratic debate

Residents of other provinces have also stated their views on the 24th version of the draft Family Code, which they describe as a collection of people’s rights and duties in the Cuban socio-family context, based on paradigms of non-discrimination and ranking affection atop the family values.

Among the main focal points of debate have been the assignment and organization of the roles of guardianship and care of children, the promotion of shared parenting, the recognition of domestic caregivers and de facto unions that form a common life project as another way of living as a couple.

Many voters have praised the provision setting forth 18 as the legal age of marriage and others for the benefit of vulnerable families, stressing the fact that the document is consistent with the Constitution of the Republic, condemns discrimination, favors equality and protects the right to human dignity.

Terms such as justice, equality and inclusion have abounded among the audiences gathered in more than 78,000 meeting points designed for the popular consultation, which is supported by more than 15,000 jurists, including 1,606 Law students.

The process to gather suggestions to be submitted to the National Assembly of People’s Power for processing and approval is expected to last until May, with two information breaks before that date.

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