Sancti Spiritus: What You Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Mass vaccination begins today, July 29th, in the major municipality of the province, and will be gradually extended to the rest of the territories

Residents of Sancti Spiritus waiting for their turn to get vaccinated. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa / Escambray).

Mass immunization with the Cuban anti-COVID-19 Abdala vaccine begins today, July 29, in the capital municipality of Sancti Spiritus, a process schedulled to cover nearly 100 500 people.

In addition to locals over 19 years of age, which amounts to some 98 000 people, more than 2 000 pregnant women older than 15 years and about 2 200 nursing mothers from the rest of the municipalities will be vaccinated. The vaccine will be also administered to some fifty persons who have received transplants.

According to sources from the Provincial Health Directorate, 514 vaccination sites have been arranged in the province, 132 of which correspond to the major municipality and are located in polyclinics, family doctor’s offices, and educational centers. About a hundred people are schedulled for vaccination in each of vaccination sites every day.

Health authorities have revealed that although the immunization process is expected to begin in August in the rest of the municipalities, it will not be carried out at the same time in all of them, but taking into consideration their epidemiological complexity.

People who have suffered from COVID-19, those already vaccinated with this or another product, those having a chronic decompensated disease or those suffering from an acute pathology that contraindicates vaccination will be excluded from immunization, as well as people allergic to Thiomersal.

The immunization scheme with Abdala —the first anti-COVID-19 vaccine produced and developed in Latin America and the Caribbean— consists of three doses: a first one, a second one 14 days after and the last one after 28 days of the initial dose.

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