A toast to love and life

Now that the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve are coming, we should drink a toast to love and life, as a light of hope that shines on each celebration, observing the responsible conduct that this moment demands and which we must all practice to avoid further cases of the lethal COVID-19

city of sancti spiritus

Taking care of each other, individually, but with a collective vision and without neglecting the necessary health protocols, becomes today a permanent challenge, and even more these days, when families and friends gather to share out affection.

After a year of many farewells to loved ones who died of the deadly disease, perhaps the best reason for the coming holidays is our gratitude to and respect for life itself, as befits our basic instinct of conservation against any threat, because the new coronavirus has proven to be very dangerous for the human species.

Rather than privileged, those of us who are still breathing after surviving dissimilar crises caused by the pandemic are committed to improve our attitudes, wills and feelings to cope with the present scenario, in which everyone can play a leading role with their own actions.

Christmas means birth, and that spirit of renewal creates a state of special collective fraternity. May it be then an inspiration to take stock of what has been done so far and welcome the opportunity to live, adjusted to the new circumstances and to the need to protect ourselves to reduce the incidence of Sars-Cov-2.

The year 2021 was marked by the highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Cuba, where, with the effort, dedication and devotion of many, especially the health workers, and the quality of our own vaccines, we managed to significantly reduce its impact in these last months.

Keeping infection on this downward trend during the New Year’s Eve celebrations is everyone’s responsibility, both at institutional and individual level, since this date involves higher mobility and more human interaction, which poses a risk if the required measures are not taken.

COVID-19 stands as a greater challenge to the celebrations, so the joy of reunion and the warmth of an embrace need to go hand in hand with prudent distancing and proper compliance with the health regulations.

Enjoying every moment without overlooking the present situation will make it possible for us to show all our affection to our loved ones, both those who are with us today and the ones who lost their lives to this terrible pandemic.

Toasting to love and life, as we await 2022, demands consistency with such purposes. It is a fundamental principle if we expect to be healthy and live in harmony with others. Everybody’s integrity depends on this complement.

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