Venezuela President Announces Changes in His Government Cabinet

Six new ministers have been appointed in Venezuela. The announcement was made by President Nicolás Maduro on Thursday

venezuela president nicolás maduro
Nicolas Maduro during a meeting with the media in Caracas last August 16, 2021. (Photo: Reuters).

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday announced several changes in the country’s ministerial  cabinet.

Six new ministers have been appointed in areas like foreign relations, justice and peace, and the vice-presidency for citizen security, among others.

The country’s ambassador to China, Félix Plasencia, will head the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, replacing Jorge Arreaza who will serve as Minister of Industries and National Production.

Maduro wrote on Twitter that the new minister will have the immense responsibility of continuing the excellent diplomatic work carried out by Arreaza, and called to ensure the triumph of the country’s peace diplomacy around the world.

According to the President of the Bolivarian nation, the changes in the ministerial cabinet are motivated by the designation of some of its members as candidates for the regional and municipality elections of November 21.

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